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Through mostly word-of-mouth, RIBA Retail has become the leading player in retail data integration. More mid-sized retailers are discovering RIBA Retail as their best alternative to transform their legacy systems to meet the test of digital retail. Software vendors are typically too focused on their issues to play a major role in data integration. Systems integrators are too expensive, or too off shore. In-house IT staffs are too valuable with their critical work. Without timely, flexible, and cost-effective data transformations, mid-sized retailers face the chaos of disruption. So RIBA Retail is developing a much deserved reputation.

We recently installed Epicor's retail suite to run our retail stores. RIBA Retail played a vital role in integrating our internal systems. RIBA handled all of the...  »
Business Solutions Manager, New Balance

As an E-commerce business, we had many unique requirements in our order creation process. We enter A LOT of orders, and we needed help to improve speed and...  »
Senior Manager, Business Operations, Ideel

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Fully integrated with your back office system, our new web-based POExpress application allows you to enter orders quickly and securely from anywhere.


Extract data from many sources, transform, and update. Ease Of use and fully extendible.



data conversion


When implementing a new system or module, we specialize in the data migration from one data source to another.

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Application Integration

Connect all of your systems through Application Integration. We build the necessary data interchange between multiple data sources.

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custom apps

Custom Apps

Need to improve a specific business process? Let us create a Custom App that is fully integrated with your back office system.

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data extraction - reporting


Data access/reporting from multiple data sources can be daunting. We have the expertise to deliver the reporting capability you need, using a variety of tools and platforms.

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Our success is based on 3 key principals; a proven methodology, sophisticated tools, and fixed price initiatives. Over the years, we have developed and refined a proven methodology that works.

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Simply put, we have decades of experience. All of our analysts and engineers have been involved in Retail IT for decades, and have encountered every type of data conversion or integration along the way. At RIBA, we have been focussed on data transformations for many years.

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Why Riba Retail?    Why can't we do this ourselves?

Large learning curve for one-time projects.

High risk/cost for these most critical projects.

Please visit our FAQ page for more answers.

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